Milwaukee Drawers LOL (Lift-Out-Layers)

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  • $11.95 20mm (7/8")
  • $13.50 30mm (1 1/8")
  • $15.95 57mm (2 1/4")
  • $4.95 1/8" Masonite
  • $13.95 1/8" PVC
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Fastcap Kaizen foam cut specifically for your Tool Box in your color choice!

- Be sure to choose the thickness and color

- These Foam inserts are 3D CNC cut to fit your Box precisely

- Easily mark out with our Long Nose Marker and cut out with the Kaizen knife

- Simply cut & peel the layers away for a perfect fit

The Tool box is NOT included, it is shown only for reference

The solution for Lift-Out-Layers In tool boxes


- Although it is not necessary, purchasing a fixed "standard" bottom section, will get you up past the raised sections in the bottom of the drawer

-  The 1/8" thick Bottom Substrate is available in a waterproof, durable ABS plastic, or masonite board if you want to save some money. (Please note, this material is NOT water resistant)


The 8442 tool box drawers will fit:

1 bottom layer of 2-1/4" plus 2 layers of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

1 bottom layer of 2-1/4" plus 1 layer of 2-1/4" w/ substrate

1 bottom layer of 1-1/8" plus 3 layers of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

The 8443 tool box drawers will fit:

1 bottom layer of 1-1/8" plus 1 layer of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

 2 layers of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

-  When adhering the substrate to the foam, contact cement works best!

- ALL Foam Inserts are sold separate. If you have a 2 drawer or 3 drawer box, the foam is still sold per piece.