Amana Tool 46348 CNC Solid Carbide Spiral Plunge for Solid Wood 1/4 D x 1 CH x 1/4 SHK x 2-1/2 Inch Long Down-Cut Router Bit

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Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Plunge Router Bits for Solid Wood

Spiral bits combine a shearing action in cutting with an augering action in chip clearance. The shearing action yields an especially clean & accurate cut, while the augering action clears chips from the cut. The “down-cut” cuts from the surface down, leaving a smooth edge at the surface of the wood.

  • Unique carbide grade for longer lifetime in abrasive materials   

  • Produces a superior finish and longer tool life

  • Razor-sharp cutting edges/polished flutes'

  • Can be used with hand-held, table-mounted
    portable routers and CNC machine

  • Industrial quality

Specially designed for speed and finish when working with solid wood. The combination of acute spiral flute shear angles with face ground helix yield high feed rates, fast plunge action, quick direction changes, deep penetration and mirror finish.