Decked New Full Size Drawer Divider System with Front Drawerganizer BIN (Kaizen Inserts Only)


If you are utilizing the Decked Drawerganizer bin, these are the inserts to fit your drawers.

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  • $12.50 To Divider 1 (6")
  • $15.50 To Divider 2 (11")
  • $26.25 To Divider 4 (21")
  • $35.00 To Divider 5 (28")
  • $41.25 To Divider 6 (33")
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If you are interested in any DeckedUSA accessories, use this link to go to their website!

Note about Dimensions:

The dimensions listed on layer dividers are pulled from the front of the drawer. Layers 2&3 are correct to the dimension, the #1 foam layers are 4" shorter than listed due to the support structure around the handle.

Kaizen foam cut specifically for your Tool Box in your color choice!

  • Be sure to choose the thickness and color
  • These Foam inserts are 3D CNC cut to fit your Box precisely
  • Easily mark out with our Long Nose Marker and cut out with the Kaizen knife
  • Simply cut & peel the layers away for a perfect fit

Each drawer can hold up to three layers deep of foam