Tool Magnet

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True to our commitment to DIYers, this magnet is the very same used on our MagMaster belt magnet. It's designed in-house and custom made for Holstery with a massive, 3/16" x 1" N52 neodymium magnet covered in a protective rubber to keep your tools safe.

Some will recognized this as a "gun magnet" and it's certainly up to the task. I've been able to hold a pistol and mag really securely for range days. It would work great in a truck or car or underneath your desk as well. It is stronger than most gun magnets, but I figured it was unlikely anyone was going to wish for a weaker magnet.

Here are some other ideas for this useful little gadget:

  • Knife holder for the kitchen
  • Tool holder for your workshop
  • Put a steel disk on your phone and stick your phone anywhere
  • Concealed gun holder in your car, truck, under a table or desk
  • Handy dandy screw or bolt holder on your creeper or ladder
  • World's most overkill fridge magnet

You'll need the basic dimensions. Holes are sized for a #104 rivet (0.157" diameter) but can easily be drilled out for any screw or bolt. A #6 screw should work fine with no changes.


  • 1.83" hole spacing left-right
  • 1.41" wide
  • 2.26" long
  • 0.35" thick