PAKstrap 17 Kit

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This is the PS-17-KIT It is compatible (but not limited to) the following boxes:

  • 8425 Large PackOut box - rear mount
  • 8429 XL Packout box - rear mount
  • The 17" PAKstrap will NOT work with the PackOut drawers

Be Sure to check out our line of the HOLSTERY products, they work awesome with the PAKstraps!


The PAKstrap is a struggle stopping product that allows you to utilize the outside of your toolbox systems by securing and hanging you most used items for the project you are working on, and staying completely mobile at the same time.

Be sure to go to the videos tab and watch any related vides, as it will aid you in the installation of the PAKstraps.  Some of the hardboard templates are available free as a digital download, or as a Masonite hardboard template for purchase.


We love the relationships we have built over the years with our social media community, a friend in the industry, and one of our beta testers, Nate Adams, quickly came up with the name of this product.  You can find him on Instagram @builtby_n8