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Simple Scribe (Available in both Orange & Green)

  • Save money and time — simple scribe does it perfect the first time
  • Simplescribe can make any home improvement project look expert, and saves time and rework on a wide range of projects.

  • Professional results every time

    Simplescribe was created by a top carpenter so we could deliver high quality work on time, every time to his clients with a minimum of rework required. A Note from the Seller, Brian Way:

As I am sure you have noticed, I sell multiple types of scribing tools.  I love to scribe when I am working in the field! It really separates the men from the boys.... I would say the best thing about this scriber is that it is 1 piece. You can toss it in your apron or tool box and not worry about pieces going missing.  It is not too delicate a tool as some others might be.  This is a fantastic "quick grab tool" to keep with you for everyday Simple Scribing.