Mini Brute® Jack

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The  T-JAK® MiniBrute®, model MB-101, can adjust from 15 to 23 inches. This is the ideal tool to install upper cabinets when the base cabinets are already in place. The Mini-Brute® is also used to install deck beams and ledgers and works great as an adjustable outward brace. It is a versatile tool with many applications.

Through the use of a quick tilt knob, the T-JAK® Mini-Brute® allows you to support objects weighing up to 400 pounds.  By simply tilting the quick release knob, the threaded rod can be easily raised to the desired supporting height. The quick release knob will automatically lock into place and engage the thread. Turn quick release knob for the final precise adjustments needed to install all sized wall cabinets perfectly and safely.

All T-JAK® Support System parts are interchangeable.  Using the 1, 2, or 3 foot extensions, those hard to reach jobs become much easier.