Mini Brute® Jack

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Install Cabinets

The T-JAK® Cabinet Jack, model TJ-104 was originally designed to help carpenters install wall cabinets with ease.

The lightweight, multi-purpose T-JAK® tool slides from 53" to 84" through the use of a quick release knob - allowing you to support objects weighing up to 400 pounds. By simply tilting the quick release knob, the threaded rod can be raised to the desired supporting height.The quick release knob will automatically lock into place and engage thread. Finally, a turn of the quick release knob for the final precise adjustments needed, will allow installation of different sized wall cabinets perfectly and safely.

To give the T-JAK® an added dimension, 1-foot, 2-foot and 3-foot extensions are available to make those hard to reach jobs much easier.

Also available is the Mini-Brute, a shorter version of the T-JAK®, when jobs require a range of 15" to 24" in height. Perfect for wall cabinet installations when bottom cabinets are already in place.

For installation of ceiling plasterboard, a T-JAK® Drywall Tool is available - TJ-104 D. It is used to support the plasterboard/drywall that is being installed on the ceiling. The Drywall Tool includes a T-JAK® (TJ-104), a two foot extension shaft and a pair of drywall support brackets. This tool also handles many difficult overhead tasks.

Support Crown Molding

With the purchase of an extension and a block of wood fastened to the TJ-104 top plate and raised to ceiling to be a ledge to hold up the far end of the molding while the installer is fitting and/or nailing the other end.

Support Ceiling Fixtures

Hold up larger ceiling light fixtures and track lighting with the TJ-104 and with purchase of an extension.

Install HVAC rectangular ductwork

Support ductwork up against the floor joists.