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    These Kneeler pads are ultra heavy duty, made from XLPE foam, available in both the JUNIOR and the PRO size.

    If you are looking for a softer PE foam with color choices, click this link.

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    Please note that this kit is custom made per your specifications and lead time may very based on current product availability. Contact us at sales@kaizensource with any questions.

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    The ARB Weekender Recovery Kit is a kit you’re always going to want within reach. The slim, compact recovery bag makes it possible to find an easy storage space in your vehicle. The Recovery Kit is equipped with accessories that are absolutely necessary for a smooth recovery. Whether you’re stuck in the mud, snow, or whatever the trail throws at you, the Recovery Kit will ensure that you’re back to stable ground and continuing on your off-roading adventure in no time. The Weekender Bag features a new heavy-duty PCV outer shell, which provides an exterior that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Built to resists water and easy to clean if it becomes dirty. 

    • ARB 17,600lbs snatch strap 
    • 2 type “S” Galvanized 4.75T rated shackles 
    • Leather Recovery gloves 
    • Rugged PVC recovery bag